Metacognition – a little elaboration

Last Friday the Education Endowment Foundation published their new Guidance Report on ‘Metacognition and Self-regulated Learning’, which offers seven practical, evidence-based recommendations to support teachers to develop metacognitive skills in their pupils. […]

Posted on 2 May 2018
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Reflecting on how it all added up – our KS2/3 Maths Training Programme

Last week we ran the final day of our KS2/3 Maths Professional Learning Programme. It has brought schools from across Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire together to explore the recommendations of the associated Guidance Report. […]

Posted on 2 May 2018
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Making sense of metacognition

Alex Quigley, Director of Huntington Research School, explores how schools can use the latest guidance report from the EEF to understand not just metacognition and self-regulation, but how pupils best learn. […]

Posted on 27 April 2018
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Is context king in school improvement?

The EEF’s Families of Schools database provides a wealth of information to help schools learn from each other. In this blog post, James Richardson discusses how it can help schools understand and overcome their common challenges. […]

Posted on 24 April 2018
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Here’s the numbers: 37 delegates, 35 schools,approximately 17,000 pupils!

Earlier this month we ran the second day of our three day programme. Maths teachers from across the region attended and feedback was really positive again. So, looking back, how did we get here? […]

Posted on 20 March 2018
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Impact Previews: retrieval practice and sleep

Not seen the newest edition of Impact yet? Here are two tasters and links to whet your appetite courtesy of the Chartered College of Teaching. […]

Posted on 28 February 2018
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