Here’s the numbers: 37 delegates, 35 schools,approximately 17,000 pupils!

20 March 2018

Author: Chris Dale and Andy Samways

Reflections on our Professional Learning Programme to support the implementation of the Recommendations from the EEF KS2/3 Maths Guidance Report

Earlier this month we ran the second day of our three day programme. Maths teachers from across the region attended and feedback was really positive again.

So, looking back, how did we get here?


We have tried to strike a pragmatic evidenced based balance in the programme design. Utilising some of the best evidence regarding professional learning (from Developing Great Teaching), we decided on running 3 days of face to face training running over 2 terms (Spring and Summer 2018). In then considering the content of these 3 days, we went back to the evidence base for the recommendations and decided to focus on the 3 with the most robust coverage. We then designed gaps tasks focussed on implementation in the delegates own schools.

Programme Overview

Day One

  • Drilling into report and recommendations
  • Audit of current practice
  • Pitch and progression
  • Misconceptions and Assessment

Gap Task – Audit in own school, design of Multiple Choice Questions to identify and address misconceptions

Day Two

  • Feedback from Gap Task
  • Manipulatives – multilink, algebra tiles and Cuisenaire
  • Representations – fractions on a number line
  • Planning for Gap Task

Day Three

  • Feedback from Gap Task
  • Problem Solving – situations and structures
  • Modelling and questioning to develop metacognition
  • Planning for change

We felt very strongly that our programme design needed to be ‘true’ to the report and as such we invited delegates from both primary and secondary phases to work together. Our programme is being delivered by our Director of Research School (Secondary Maths Specialist) and a Primary SLE.

Progress so far

We have just delivered Day 2 and have been pleased to welcome 37 delegates from 35 schools which serve approximately 17000 pupils! Some reflections so far:

· The recommendations are highly relevant to the primary and secondary phase

· There is a real power to cross phase working, particularly in localities where there is a shared interest in the pupils

· These cross phase working has highlighted some curriculum discontinuity from KS2 – 3

· The coherent and effective use of manipulatives remains a challenge, particularly in KS3

· It takes a long time to plan 3 days of high quality professional learning!

Collecting feedback from delegates we were delighted to see:

  • the word cloud (above) emerge from ‘summing up the professional development activity in three words’
  • visits between schools involved to see each other at work across the transition
  • changes in habits around intervention focus
  • self-evaluation activity conducted with peers
  • introducing new evidence based resources in to KS3
  • further exploration of multiple choice questions (MCQs) in maths
  • sharing and cascading of training to teachers and TAs in school

So, final day ahead in April … and more ideas to replicate and evolve this well received programme.

Watch this space!


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