Our Research School

The Samuel Ward Academy Trust is a successful, growing family of schools in west Suffolk. Shared values, energising networks and a passion for learning underpin all that we do within our primary, secondary and special schools.

We are committed to championing great teaching at every opportunity and supporting the growth of evidence-informed practice in our region. Our work, creating and sustaining networks grown out of strong affiliations to reflective practice, is seeing increasing use of research evidence to inform changes to classroom practice.

We are excited at the prospect of continuing to promote, model and explore approaches to effective use of research evidence in local schools, the wider schools of Suffolk and those of organisations further afield involved in networks of reflective practice.

Drawing on research findings from the Education Endowment Foundations and leading educational thinkers, our work will support schools in bridging the gap between research and practice, sharing valuable messages to ground practice in theory and have the effect of improving achievement and outcomes for all young people.